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Terri S

SW has become a second home for my children and I…we are all taking classes with Andrea (“Andi”) and could not be happier with our progress. My youngest daughter (9) is taking piano, singing, and German lessons: her ability, confidence, and self esteem has grown remarkably in the last year and a half with Andi. My oldest daughter (11) has a rare genetic mutation that presents with ADHD, ASD, and Intellectual Disability…unfortunately, she has bee

Felecia N

Absolutely amazing. She’s kind hearted and takes her job seriously. When you come to her for any of the things she offers you get her full attention and support. She’ll take the extra time to make sure you’re successful. In regards to the recent negative comment I would take it with a grain of salt, that student disrespected other classmates and when the teacher stood up to him about it they made it go to slander. This bad review is simiply some

Tracy O

I have been a student of Andrea’s for nearly a year. Her knowledge, patience and thoroughness has allowed me to excel in learning Deutsch. She is kind, funny, and extremely gifted in all aspects of her teachings. In regards to a particular negative comment made by a recent student, I would caution anyone interested in attending this school to vet it for yourself. This is clearly an attempt to slander the teacher rather than leave useful and obje

Stefano M

I attended the German language course A2.2 and what I experienced was incredible: 90% of the talking was in English, therefore one rarely hears and practices German. The teacher, during class, was constantly speaking about her private business with one of the students (things like where to buy a good coffee machine, where to go drinking, shopping etc., always in English). In one lesson the teacher, during a difficult exercise she gave us, went to

daphne y

Coming to Germany I didn't know the language at all. I wanted to learn but didn't want to sit in a large class and not get anything out of it. I am so happy to have found Andrea at Stimmwerkstatt as her classes are small, interactive and fun. There is work involved on your own too but she is always there to support you.

John M

If you have a little one with a passion for singing or want to introduce your little to the world of music, Andrea is the one to see! Not only is she amazing at her craft, but she offers so much more in her kind and accommodating personality. She is also very flexible and willing to work with you when things pop up. My daughter absolutely adores her! She's great with the kiddos and goes above and beyond in creating family memories that will last

Leah E

Where do I even start? You want fun? ✅ Learn hard things?✅ A teacher who listens to you?✅ A teacher who pulls things vocally out of you, YOU didn't even know you could do? ✅ Andrea is the one for you! You will not be disappointed. Also, bonus... You want to learn German? She does that too!

Nico W

Andrea manages to introduce you to so many parts and facets of your voice you´ve never known existed; all that in an authentic, effective, efficient and fun way. Fun meets professionalism, but none diminishes the other. She´s not only helped me discovering my voice but also played a huge part in exploring emotions, temperaments and much more - all of which are things that are just as important for music/singing as they are for day-to-day life. He

John C

Highly recommended! As a language teacher, Andrea provides all the expected fundamentals (vocabulary, grammar, conversation, comprehension) but she brings so much more and elevates learning. She is incredibly personable and connects individually with her students making the learning experience more engaging and effective. She is empathetic. She knows what it’s like to live in a new culture and learn a new language. Most of all, Andrea brings a ve

Carol N

The German classes are fun and interesting. Great school to attend and learn the language!

Adam C

As a total beginner to learning the German language, it was a real gift when I found Andrea as a language teacher. Her positive energy and ability to connect with you on a personal level really fosters a great learning experience. I chose to work with her independently vs with a group class as it better fit my learning style and work schedule. By the end of a lesson with her you will want to be sharing a good German beer and talking about the won

Michelle W

Stimmwerkstatt is a place that offers a fantastic opportunity for individuals seeking to learn or improve their German language skills. With a skilled and dynamic instructor like Andrea, participants can expect a fun and challenging learning experience. The course covers a wide range of vocabulary and grammar, providing practical exercises for speaking and writing. Andrea utilizes various activities to engage participants and promote active part

Carlee H

Andrea is the absolute best. She is teaching myself and my kids German and also teaching the kids singing/music. My girls adore her and I do too! LG!

Corinna E

Freue mich immer, wenn wir Chorprobe mit Andrea haben. Es macht unglaublich viel Spaß! Durch ihre lockere und sympathische Art traut man sich aus sich heraus. Sie unterstützt und gibt Tipps, wie man mit seiner eigenen Stimme noch mehr aus sich heraus holen kann. I highly recommend Andreas Stimmwerkstatt 🤗🥳

Heather V

Andrea has created a very personal and creative course that pushes the student to learn German quickly. I’ve enjoyed her class so much I signed up my 11 year old daughter too! It’s a fun, judgement free place. My daughter also takes piano and voice lessons here. She has improved quickly! We always look forward to lessons at stimmwerkstatt!

Aleta N

Andrea is a true powerhouse and kind, loving, positive, and energizing teacher. I have learned more German and gained more confidence in speaking German in 2 weeks of intensive class than I did in 2 years of remote learning. She is a wonderful teacher and holds you accountable for your own learning. She will go the extra mile for her students who are motivated to learn. Also, she is even better with kids! She makes it fun and engaging. My son wh

Caj K

Andi is a really engaging teacher, makes the class interactive and fun.

James C

In German language courses, Andrea is passionate in helping you learn the basics from nothing, or improve what you already know. She is energetic beyond your expectations, classes are fun and engaging, and she goes above and beyond to build confidence. This is more than just a language school, but an immersive set of classes that allow you to actually speak with confidence! I have tried several different places, and StimmWerkstatt is hands down

Bianca L

I went through severe depression, couldn’t find a therapy spot anywhere. One day I went singing at a karaoke bar, I met Andrea and it felt like there was hope in my live again. I started going to her singing classes, and it felt like oil to my soul. Andrea motivated me and helped me to get out of myself, I started to get self-confidence and very important to feel emotions again. Tears rolling down my face while singing and just sing out all that

William R

After coming to germany for my work in the military I knew I'd want to learn the language but I didnt expect that after two years I'd find a german wife. Thanks to Stimmwerkstat I gained a confidence and understanding of german that has truly opened up my experience here. Would recommend to anyone stationed here for any period of time.

Daniela M

As a Mom I have to thank Andrea from the bottom of my heart. My daughter had the hardest time, in German school, adjusting and learning the language. Andrea not only gave my daughter hope, but she bonded with her in a way that motivated her to try again….and she did just that. Now she is engaged and the more she understands, the prouder she herself becomes. Thank you , thank you , thank you for all that you do.

Victoria E

I highly recommend Stimmwerkstatt! Taking the German & singing classes offered by this company has been imperative for adapting to the culture here in Germany. Andrea truly has a gift, and her love for people & helping others shows in everything she does. Her style of teaching encourages you to do your best. I enjoy learning German, she is very honest, practical & creative. My husband and I are catching on very quickly. In singing lessons, she te


Sehr motiviert und motivierend, eine wahnsinns Stimme, einfach toll

Marlies Z

Habe seit du unsere Chorleiterin bist viel über meine Stimme gelernt und bin eifrig dabei es umzusetzen. Bleib so motivierend und hole das Beste aus uns raus.

Ute L

Andrea macht eine ganz tolle Singstund. Man hat mindestens 3 mal Gänsehaut obwohl es noch nicht richtig klappt.